Insightful Reports About Your Child's Academic, Non-Academic And Personal Attributes

Proprietory Analytical Tests

  • Analyze Your Child's Social Skills, Decision Making Skills & Many More
  • Focus On Right Areas At Various Stages Of Your Child's Fast Paced Life
  • Analysis of Peer Pressure Levels, Emotional Health, Stress Levels
  • Gauge The Exact Areas Where You As A Parent Should Intervene/Help

  • Pattern Analysis - Curricular

  • Insights On Your Child's Marks Pattern Across Years
  • Analyze Which Subjects Need To Be Focussed More
  • Compare Growth With Thousands of Peers, Regularly
  • Monitor Individual Performance On A Day to Day Manner
  • Pattern Analysis - Extra Curricular

  • Insight Into Your Child's Extra Curricular Abilities
  • Analyze Strengths - Focus On The Right Extra Curricular Courses
  • Find Out Skills Your Child Is Naturally Gifted With
  • Spend Your Money And Time In the Right Direction
  • Weekly Questionnaires

  • Keep Track of Your Child's Physical Fitness Levels
  • Analyze The Food Habits And Calorie Levels
  • Analyze The Screen Time Spent - TV/Mobile
  • Optimize The Study and Leisure Patterns